Digitalization: Future Textile

A creative Art Collaboration



The Future Textile

Mix Media

It is clear that technology has revolutionised and advanced the way we live than ever before.  The Internet, for example, plays a huge part in our daily life. People use it for instant communication and interaction, and it is arguably the great source that allows us to have immediate information and knowledge. Internet became part of our world and the virtual world within the internet becomes part of our reality.

The Digitalisation is a conceptual portrayal of how the technology became part of the fashion. In the near future, as the technology continuously evolve, it became possible that all things can be re-formulated into data. An era where resources and materials can be converted into ‘molecules-data’. It can be uploaded and new high-tech software will be available for fashion designers to transfer those data into any form and fashion. Textile is simply a consistency of data and it can be instantly projected and form into garments. A future where clothes are initially created in the virtual world and immediately deliver into our reality. 

Simply a  *click*

 The future.

The digitalized garment.

The new fashion.

About the collaboration

The focus of this project is to create a high-tech and futuristic look by using low-tech material and limited budget. What makes this collaboration special is, everyone in this project was really open minded and we started the photo shoot with a ‘just do it as it goes and sees how it goes’ manner. Some ideas were suggested during the process, therefore, the looks were spontaneous and very experimental.


Laura Aubree                (Instagram: @aubreelaura)

Gabreila Mazoweicks (Instagram: @gabrela8maz)

Costume Designer/ STYLIST:

Phoebe Chan                 (Instagram: @sc_phoebe.chan)


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