Bubble Illusion

Bubble Illusion is an experimental project that focus on the journey of creating art through fabric manipulation. The aim is to create an intricate three-dimensional textile and construct it garments. The journey starts from creating the textile to pattern making  and then finally garment construction. 

Bubble Illusion 01
Bubble Illusion look 1
Bubble Illusion 02
Bubble Illusion look 2
Bubble illusion 03
Bubble Illusion look 1
Bubble Illusion detail 01
Textile Detail 01
Bubble Illusion detail 02
Textile Detail 02


  • Silk chiffon
  • Silk dupion
  • Swarovski crystal beads (pink)
  • Dylon fabric dye (ocean blue)
(The whole look is based on the things I am in particularly interested in)
  • Circles (curved shapes)
  • 3-D texture
  • Pleats
  •  Manual dyeing technique
  • Hand embellishment
  • Patten clash and textile mix
Textile design:
  • The print is naturally and spontaneously created by utilising a traditional Japanese dyeing technique: Shibori.
  • The ‘bubble look’ are entirely hand-sewn and the whole textile is heavily embellished with Swarovski crystal beads in order to create a texturised look. 
Garment Construction:
Look 1
  • A strapless bodice
  • A full circular skirt
Look 2
  • Peplum Top
  • Tailored  trouser 
Look 3
  • A sleeveless dress

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